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Collect wishes and keep wedding memories alive!

Alternative ideas for creative guest books that suit all tastes!

1. Photobooth station

Create a photo station with Polaroid cameras, extra film, pens, and washi tape so guests can snap a picture and leave a note.

2. Message in a Bottle

For romantic couples or for a nautical theme wedding, ask your guests to leave their wishes in a bottle!

3. Vintage Guest book

If you want to add a vintage touch in your wedding, a handmade guestbook from lace is a great idea!

Photo by Phocaeus Photography

4. Mini envelopes 

Glue mini envelopes into your guest book and collect secret wishes to add more mystery!

5. Globe

The idea of a globe as a guest book is great for couples that love to travel or for destination weddings!

6. Counting Stars

Constellations! For an out-of-this-world idea, urge your guests to draw their own constellations by connecting tiny stars in a poster and sign their name.

7. Jenga Jenga

Jenga book is a great idea for playful couples!

8. Puzzle

Ask your guests to sign puzzle pieces!

9. Pebbles

Have your guests write their wishes on little stones, to make sure your marriage never “hits the rocks”!

10. Children’s Book

Such a fresh idea is to use a Children’s Book as guest book!

11. Live Video messages

If you are looking for a “21st century” guest book, then recorded video wishes from your guests is a wicked idea!

12. Photo book with engagement photos

Create a guest book with some of your favorite photos from your engagement shoot.

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