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The Essential Wedding Guide to Greek Weather

With its picturesque beaches and breathtaking sea views, Greece is always flocked by local and international couples who want to tie the knot during the summer season. Here’s an unpopular opinion: the Hellenic Republic is a stunning destination for getting married the whole year round!

If you’re planning to do a destination wedding in Greece, this blog is created to discuss the Greek weather and the best ways to maximize the different seasons for your special day. Read on!


  • 🌡 Average Temperature
  • ☔ Rain Probability
  • ⛄ Snow Probability
  • 🪂 Wind Probability
  • 🌞 Daylight
  • 💍 Wedding Season
  • 🏄‍♂️ Tourist Season
  • 🏦 Bank Holidays
  • 🌸 Ideal Decor Colors
  • 🏰 Ideal Venue Concept



What’s more symbolic than getting married to your soulmate at the beginning of the year? Known for its winter wonders and fresh starts, January is a great month to tie the knot and Say I Do to forever. Bonus point: it’s a low wedding season so you’ll surely score your favorite venue and prospective wedding vendors without too much competition!

🌡 5°C -15°C 💍 Low Wedding Season
☔ High🏄‍♂️ Low Tourist Season
⛄ Low in Athens & South Greece | High in Northern Greece 🏦 2 Bank Holidays
🪂 0.2 mph of 11.0 mph 🌸 Silver, Gold
🌞 Shortest Day: 01/01 (09:35:00) | Longest Day: 31/01(10:15:00) 🏰 Private Mansion


# SayYesToTheMonthOfLove

Give love on the month of love! Slightly warmer than January, February is also a wonderful month for cold and intimate I Do’s. Since there are not many tourists around this month, you’ll be able to enjoy cheaper prices and lesser crowd during your stay. Besides, getting married in February presents more date-selection freedom because there are no Bank Holidays to worry about!

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🌡 7°C -15°C 💍 Low Wedding Season
☔ High🏄‍♂️ Low Tourist Season
⛄ Low in Athens & South Greece | High in Northern Greece 🏦 No Bank Holidays
🪂 11.2 mph to 10.6 mph 🌸 Red, Maroon, Burgundy
🌞 Shortest Day: 01/02 (10:17:00) | Longest Day: 29/02(11:20:00) 🏰 Castle



Bringing the first hints of Greek spring, March is a perfect choice for couples who prefer a breezy indoor wedding without the bitter coldness of the previous months.

🌡 8°C -16°C 💍 Low Wedding Season
☔ Medium🏄‍♂️ Low Tourist Season
⛄ Very Low in Athens & South Greece | Low in Northern Greece 🏦 2 Bank Holidays (Clean Monday and 25th of March)
🪂 10.6 mph to 9.2 mph 🌸 Sky Blue
🌞 Shortest Day: 01/03 (11:22:00) | Longest Day: 31/03 (12:36:00) 🏰 Museum



April is the official month of saying goodbye to the gray skies of Greece.

The surroundings are still windy, but the heavens are already enlaced with white clouds and blue skies throughout the month!

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🌡 12°C -22°C 💍 Low Wedding Season
☔ Medium 🏄‍♂️ Low Tourist Season
⛄ No snow in Athens & South Greece | Low in Northern Greece 🏦 Possibility of Easter
🪂 9.2 mph to 8.6 mph 🌸 Lilac, Light Yellow, Pastel Colors
🌞 Shortest Day: 01/04 (12:38:00) | Longest Day: 30/04 (13:45:00) 🏰 Glass Roof Terrace with Acropolis View



May is the warmest month of the spring season! If you want to do a tropical-vibe celebration without the crowd and the intense heat of the summer season, the 5th month is your best shot!

🌡 18°C -31°C 💍 High Wedding Season
☔ Medium🏄‍♂️ High Tourist Season
⛄ No Snow🏦 Possibility of Easter+ Labor Day
🪂 8.5 mph to 8.0 mph 🌸 Baby Pink, Coral
🌞 Shortest Day: 01/05 (13:47:00) | Longest Day: 31/05 (14:37:00) 🏰 Garden



With the first indications of summer, June is a great choice for couples who crave warm weather without the dramatic number of local and international tourists.

🌡 24°C -35°C 💍 High Wedding Season
☔ Low🏄‍♂️ High Tourist Season
⛄ No snow🏦 1 Bank Holiday (8th of June)
🪂 8.0 mph to 8.9 mph 🌸 Green, Bright Colors, Neutral Colors
🌞 Shortest Day: 01/06 (14:38:00) | Longest Day: 31/01(14:48:00) 🏰 Villa with sea view



July is essentially the official start of the Greek summer season! Compared to the previous months of the year, July offers more flights, and all the establishments are opening in the Greek islands.

July is generally less touristy than August, so getting hitched on the Greek beaches is still recommended!

🌡 25°C -36°C 💍 High Wedding Season
☔ Very Low 🏄‍♂️ High Tourist Season
⛄ No Snow🏦 No Bank Holiday
🪂 8.9 mph to 10.6 mph 🌸 Pink, Orange, Yellow, Fuschia Pink
🌞 Shortest Day: 31/07 (14:07:00) | Longest Day: 01/07 (14:45:00) 🏰 Beach



The 8th month of the year is the warmest, the busiest, and the priciest month among the twelve! Tourist spots are crowded, the beaches are packed, and the traffic jam is crazy, but don’t worry!

You can avoid these disadvantages by planning your wedding strategically. For instance, you can avoid the crowded shores by doing your big day in a vineyard! If, however, you are really keen about having a beach wedding, avoiding the weekdays and doing it on a Thursday (the least touristic day) will do the trick.

🌡 23°C -35°C 💍 Very High Wedding Season
☔ Very Low 🏄‍♂️ Very High Tourist Season
⛄ No snow 🏦 15/08 is a religious time, Orthodox weddings don’t take place between 01/08 and 17/08
🪂 10.6 mph to 9.8 mph 🌸 Green
🌞 Shortest Day: 31/08 (13:01:00) | Longest Day: 01/08 (14:06:00) 🏰 Vineyard



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Here comes the stunning colors of autumn! Though September is also a high wedding season, it’s not as crazy as August and the weather is essentially cooler than the previous month.

And oh, the Greek island venues and establishments are still continuous in their operations!

🌡 17°C -30°C 💍 High Wedding Season
☔ Medium 🏄‍♂️ High Tourist Season
⛄ No snow 🏦 No Bank Holiday
🪂 0.3 mph of 9.4 mph 🌸 Blue, Blue Green
🌞 Shortest Day: 30/09 (11:49:00) | Longest Day: 01/09 (12:59:00) 🏰 Stone Village Hotel



The 10th month of the year is usually the time when the islands’ venues and establishments are closing their operations. If you want to get married on a Greek island during October, you should do it in the first week!

To avoid uncertainty, you can also opt to do your wedding in the country’s mainland. Aside from Athens, the towns of Patras, Peloponnese, and Aigio are also festooned with gorgeous spots and picturesque venues!

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🌡 13°C -20°C 💍 Low Wedding Season
☔ Medium 🏄‍♂️ High Tourist Season
⛄ No snow 🏦 1 Bank Holiday (28th of October)
🪂 9.4 mph to 10.2 mph 🌸 Red, Deep Blue, Plum
🌞 Shortest Day: 31/10 (10:37:00) | Longest Day: 01/10 (11:47:00) 🏰 Greek Taverna



Being the last month of fall, November is your last shot for pulling off your autumnal palette.

Since the winter season is coming closer, hosting your wedding in an indoor venue is the most practical option.

🌡 7°C -15°C 💍 Low Wedding Season
☔ High🏄‍♂️ Low Tourist Season
⛄ No snow in Athens & South Greece | Low in Northern Greece 🏦 17th of November is Polytexnio (not a bank holiday but the center of Athens is closed due to Military Parade)
🪂 0.2 mph of 11.0 mph 🌸 Brown, Nude, Black
🌞 Shortest Day: 30/11 (09:45:00) | Longest Day: 01/11 (10:35:00) 🏰 Hotel



Nothing beats the jolly atmosphere of December! Though it is the gateway to the winter season, the 12th month is filled with love, joy, and warmth of the holidays.

PS: Due to Christmas parties, December is also a peak season for venues and event vendors. Book your wedding early if you’re planning to tie the knot on this beautiful month.

🌡 6°C -12°C 💍 Low Wedding Season
☔ High🏄‍♂️ Low Tourist Season
⛄ Low in Athens & South Greece | High in Northern Greece 🏦 Christmas and New Year
🪂 0.2 mph of 11.0 mph 🌸 White, Silver, Red
🌞 Shortest Day: 31/12 | Longest Day: 01/12🏰 Wedding Venue

Make the Best Out of Your Wedding!

Now that you’re familiar with the Greek weather and other fundamental factors that you need to consider for your big day, it’s time to apply it in real life!

If you find it too complicated to plan your wedding, hiring a professional to do the homework is the most practical option. As a destination wedding planner in Greece, Make Happy Memories is looking forward to helping you achieve your dream wedding! Contact us today.