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Idyllic Farm Wedding in Crete

With the amalgamation of scenic sea views, olive groves, vineyards, and Cretan village architecture, Mata and Phillip were certain that this quaint farm in Crete is a perfect fit for their dream wedding. Scroll down to unfold the aesthetic beauty of this Mediterranean wonder and how it played a magical role in the couple’s big day!

Photo Credits: Les Anagnou

The Big Day

Both living in Los Angeles, Mata and Phillip are Canadians who can’t hide their love for the American culture. Consequently, they decided to tie the knot on one of the most celebrated day of the United States, which is the 4th of July.

With 120 expected guests from all over the world, the couple knew that they wanted to share their rustic and romantic themed wedding with their families and friends. Take note: this beautiful pair is really close to the hearts of their guests, thus, you can feel the magical atmosphere of love in every sides and corners of the Cretan venue.

Brotherhood Duties: The groomsmen showed their support by waking up early on Phillip’s big day. On the morning of 4th of July, these men were busy figuring out how to deal with their bow ties. Look how adorable they looked!

Their Early Hustles were Worth It: Phillip and his groomsmen look fine and handsome while wearing their proud suits, bow ties and the finishing touch of their smiles.

Dress Deets: Skipping the sparkles, the beautiful Mata opted for a classic simplicity instead! Perfect for twirling and dancing through the night, this charming off-shoulder gown is enlaced with dotted tulle fabric and several layers of lightweight textile in the skirt area. What’s not to love?

Aphrodite is Jealous! Instead of hiring a personal beauty artist, Mata decided to do her own makeup without overpowering her au naturel features. With just a light coral blush, a nude-colored lip gloss and a lightweight mascara, this bride doesn’t need to go heavy to impress her future husband! Isn’t she lovely?

The Ceremony Setup

With Mata and Phillip’s Jewish roots in consideration, the venue was specifically decorated to blend well with the traditions of their religious culture.

Instead of a wedding arch, we prepared a romantically-decorated Chuppah or custom four-poled canopy in which Jewish couples stand during their wedding ceremony with a Rabbi. According to their tradition, a Chuppah represents the home that the couple will build together as husband and wife.

To align with the overall wedding theme, the planning and preparation team decorated the Chuppah with intricate arrangement of coral peonies and bougainvillea.

The ceremony was mainly divided in two section. The first part was the signing of the Ketubah, which is considered as the Jew’s prenuptial agreement. Together with their close families, Mata and Phillip signed this matrimonial document to make their Jewish marriage official.

The second part of the wedding was the official ceremony with all of the guests. The Rabbi, a Jewish scholar or teacher who teaches Jewish law, took charge of this section of the ceremony.

Coming from all over the world, the guests were all excited to witness the much-awaited union of the bride and groom. But first, can we just take some time to appreciate these beautiful flower girls? They look like little angels!

Here Comes the Groom! Phillip was excited to officially tie the knot with Mata in front of their families and friends!

Here comes the Bride! Everyone in the venue was impressed with Mata’s undeniable beauty and charm.

The ceremony started with the reading of the Ketubah that Mata and Phillip signed earlier on the first part of their wedding. After this, other Jewish traditions were observed in the ceremony which include the prayer shawl, the hakafot, and the breaking of the glass.

United as One: Following all the Jewish traditions that took place in the ceremony, Mata and Phillip are finally husband and wife. We were all rejoicing for the magical love of these two!

The Reception

Aligning with the overall motif of the wedding, the wooden tables of the reception area were decorated with centerpieces and hanging garlands of coral peonies, garden roses, bougainvilleas, and greeneries. To add more touch of rustic and romantic in the venue, there were fairy lights and string lights that were suspended from the olive trees.

The Blithesome Celebration

With an energetic DJ and and a dynamic live band, the reception area was filled with music that the guests really enjoyed. As early as 5 pm, the dance floor was already filled with upbeat dance moves and carefree laughter!

Nature’s Goodness: As for the menu, the guests were delighted with cuisines that are made from the organic produces of the Cretan farm itself.

The Fun Never Stops: As twilight turned to dusk, the reception venue was getting more and more filled with an atmosphere of love and merriment!

One of the highlights of this night were the genuine and fun-filled speeches that were prepared by the families and friends of Mata and Phillip. Their sincere love for the couple were evident from the heartfelt effort that they exerted in the form of words.

Following the wonderful speeches of their loved ones, the cocktail party and the dancing continued once again. These happy people were so fulfilling to look at!

From this day forward, you shall not walk alone, your heart shall be my shelter, and my arms will be your home.


The 4th of July was a lovely start for Mata and Phil’s journey to forever. As for the planning and preparation team, we were so honored and satisfied to witness a magical union that was shared with the people who genuinely love this humble couple. Yes, the Art of Making Happy Memories can be challenging but all the efforts were worth it when you see the couple and their guests filling their pockets with unforgettable moments of this day and night!