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Halloween Special – The Magic Wedding Planner

The end of October is not the hottest season for weddings in Greece, but for makehappymemories.com it is a very magical time.


The “Happily Ever After” potion

No couple of mine has ever divorced. This is not just being lucky… I leave nothing to chance.
I fly regularly to my beautiful lair in Paris and I create one of the most powerful potions out there, a secret juice that guarantees a happy everlasting marriage.

magic wedding planner - happily ever after potion

Only an elite circle of Archmage Wedding Planners know the full the recipe and I can’t reveal it, but I’ll give you a few clues:

Of-course it has the usual stuff: a tad of fairy’s tears, a few drops of dragon’s blood, a pinch of crashed giant’s bones, 2 hairs of a beautiful princess, some Phoenix feathers etc..
But the most important and valuable ingredients which are difficult to get hold of and store are the ones most enchanters don’t know how to handle:

  • Three full-spoons of “Greek Sunlight”, (you can use Santorini sunset for that extra flavor)
  • Half of glass of “Unexpected Wedding Proposal in 2018” (this needs be freshly bottled, some of the best is made in Paris)
  • A dip of an “Engagement Ring that will blow her mind
  • A bucket of “Kisses Under the Sky Full of Stars”, (shipped from a Greek Island)
  • Two cups of “Wedding Vows from the heart” ( these should be added warm in the mix)
  • Five tablespoons of “Best Man and Maid of Honor True Friendship
  • Three quarts of “Hands-holding in picturesque lanes and alleys”)
  • Half a gallon of “Happy Wedding Guests’ smiles, wishes and warm feelings

And of-course:

How I lost my hat in London

Some times normal postal services are not enough, I deliver my clients’ guests invitations on my own.
Naturally, I include a few special secret extras: a nice little charm for happy thoughts, a spell of generosity to guarantee a nice wedding gift,  an incantation to make sure they send their reply early and all sorts of wicked wizardly things.

magic wedding planner - flying over london

I enjoy this a lot, I usually take my trusted helper with me, mr Owly; he talks a lot, but I like his sarcastic humor.

Since most of my weddings in Greece are «destination», the guests are spread all over the world, which is a great excuse for me to jump on my magical broomstick and do some touring and partying on the stops.

The problem is that I can get too excited and I’ve lost quite a few expensive hats on the task… last time it happened it was over London, near the Big Ben…

One more perfect event in my crystal ball

Back in my New York flat. I don’t have a TV or internet, I have better ways to relax and kill time.  I thought to take a quick look into my future-telling magical crystal sphere.  As expected, my  upcoming event will be charming, gorgeous and flawless.  

magic wedding planner - perfect wedding 2018

A warning to mothers-in-law  you know how at some point during the ceremony the priest says “Speak now or forever hold your peace”…if I were you I would think twice before speaking… Just look at what happened last time someone tried to ruin my event… she is sitting on my desk and she is not speaking much.. Hehe